Cordless Cellular Shades

If you have beautiful windows in your home then you would need to decide on what type of window treatment that you would use in them. Cordless cellular shades are a type of window treatment that has various benefits when you use them over traditional window treatments. They are very flexible and are suitable for any room. They also come in various color variations.

How are they constructed?

The constructions of these cellular shades are made by using more than one fabric which is sewn together at periodic intervals to create a honey comb affect. In order to achieve the right proportion of pleats the fabric is always starched. The pleats might sport vertical or horizontal design.

What are the different varieties available in the market?

Cordless cellular shades are available in different variations. Some of them are:

Cordless Cellular ShadesWhat is the number of cells?

These cellular shades are often recognized by their number of cells. Most of them are single cell deep. While other could be 2 to 3 cells deep. What is the significance of the number of cells in cellular shades? Here is the secret, the more the number of cells; the shade is more energy efficient as an insulating layer is provided for each cell.

What is the size of these cellular shades?

The size of the cellular shades varies from ¾ th of an inch to 3/8th of an inch.

What is Shading Coefficient?

Shading Coefficient is a number which indicates the total amount of heat passing from one shade to another. If you have a lower number this would indicate that it would absorb more heat. A higher number would indicate that it would reflect more heat in the shades.

What is R-value in a cellular shade?

R-value number would indicate the insulation degree of the shade. Cordless Cellular Shades with high R-value would indicate that the insulating power of the shade is higher than a lower value.

How much of light does it absorb?

A large amount of light enters the room thru the cellular shades. Translucent shades allow light to enter the room but block images while dark shades block light as well as images. They can make the room dark even during the day.

How is it operated?

Cordless varieties of these shades are operated by clutching the bottom area of the shade and moving the shades down and up.

How do you clean them?

1.    Over a period of time dust and grime gets accumulated on them. The best way to clean them is to use a portable vacuum cleaner. You can also do it manually with a feather dust cleaner. You can start from the top shade and then move towards the bottom.

2.    On a monthly basis you can use mild soapy water and clean them using a sponge dipped into the solution. Do not harshly rub the area as it might discolor the shade.

3.    If the shades have developed a spot immediately clean them.

What are the benefits of using these shades?

Offer better safety

Studies have indicated that many children die of strangulation because of the cords present in the cellular shades. A cordless version removes the danger and makes you leas a hassle free life.


These cordless shades are very easy to install and can be done within a few minutes.  For a homemaker they are very easy to use and are not complicated at all.

Help to improve the ambience in the room

These cordless shades add vibrancy to the room décor. You can create both cooling and warm effects with them. When they are used with different designs they bring in brightness to the room with little effort.

Enjoy great privacy

One of the reasons behind their growing popularity is that they help their owners to enjoy a certain level of privacy.

Great on the pocket

If you are looking to do a little renovation in your home you can do up each room with Cordless Cellular Shades. They would require minimum investment from your end but your rooms would have a new look in no time. As they absorb energy they also save on your electricity bill.